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 Encontros  > Lusco e Fusco Co. 

Directors: Pablo Sánchez, Alfredo Pérez and Pablo Reboleiro "Pablo Trasno".

Performers: Alfredo Pérez and Pablo Reboleiro "Pablo Trasno" /Marta Alonso Tejada.

Choreographers collaborators: David Loira and Alexis Fernández.

Lighting design: Afonso Castro.

Music and sound space: Fran Pérez NARF.

Tailor: Cloti Vaello.

Encontros is a multidisciplinary show where physical theater, dance and the new circus come together to create their own code of expression, a starting point to communicate, to tell the public about the concerns that invade us. Comedy and virtuosity are part of this eclectic montage where two people recognize each other after a season without seeing each other, the measures are taken again, they touch, they smell, they feel and they start walking together again.

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