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 and choreography 
 Baleadas  >     trasPediante Co. 

Original Idea: Begoña Cuquejo.
Creation, choreography and performers: Marta Alonso, Begoña Cuquejo, Graphic design and photographyPaulina Funes.
Piano and musical dramaturgy: Madamme Cell.

Electrónica Non-ou and Harmónica: Ariel Ninas.

Poetry lyrics of: Tuuli Jartti and Dub Squirrel.

Original costume: Patricia Agudo Maza. 

Other costume: Belén Yañez. 

 Video teaser: Iago Seoane. 

Sound space: Begoña Cuquejo and Ariel Ninas. 
Artistic residency: Cgac.

A game with the whales, with the colors and also with the public of all ages where dance, art, music, words and animation dance and interact, remaking themselves in the show itself. The trasPediante company experiments with technology creating surprises, laughter and anaglyph whales, taking inspiration from the poetry collection Balea2 by the poet Estevo Creus.


Baleadas in addition to being presented as a stage piece is working as an educational project in different communities.

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