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 performer and 
 Alma (non é hippie) 
> Verticalia Collective  
 Determinada Co. + Duelirium Co. 

Direction and dramaturgy: Rolando San Martín

Performers and authors: Marta Alonso, Raquel Oitavén, Paula Quintas, Mercè Solé

Production and management: Belém Brandido · Pistacatro Productora de Soños S.L.

Lighting design: Fidel Vázquez

Costume: Fany Bello

Music: Nefasto (Judas Diz)

Direction assistant: María José Santiago Garde

Voice-over: Fernanda Orazzi

Photography: Rubén Vilanova

Video: Tamboura Films

Graphic design: Manu Lago

With the support of: Agadic · Xunta de Galicia

Collaborators: Pistacatro, Concello de Negreira, Circonove , ’Estruch Centre de Creació

Thanks to: Fernanda Orazzi, Edoardo María Virtú, Pablo Reboleiro, Marco Aurelio, Manuel Lago

ALMA (non é hippie), is the first show of vertical dance of Galicia, a production of the Verticalia Collective, or what is the same, of the companies Duelirium and Determinada, with the support of Pistacatro.

ALMA (non é hippie) investigates the different perceptions about the same reality, the different points of view and, therefore, about the apparent and the appearances from the language of contemporary dance, verticality and movement.

A L M A does not believe in reincarnation, thinks that it is not necessary to be so Hippie.

A L M A says that without the others, without the other, anyone would cease to exist.

A L M A does not believe spiritual, but feels that way because it inspires and expires, inspires and expires.

A L M A says that A L M A is not a sensible reality and therefore cannot be studied by science. It is clear.

A L M A knows that dance is abstract, therefore, whenever there is a gap between movement and movement, she goes inside, dances without control, lets out the madness, exposes herself without fear to everyone's gaze. He says that if this is not done, the fire that inhabits things will be lost forever.

A L M A is a vertical Dance and Flight project that begins its investigation by delving into the poetics that can be generated by studying and understanding the physicality of an apparently very simple object: A rope hanging from the sky of a theater.

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