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 Performer and 
 Up2Down > 
 trasPediante Co. 

Performers and choreographers: Marta Alonso & Paula Quintas.

Colective creation directed by: Arturo Cobas.

Assitant of direction and dramaturgy: Natalia Outeiro (“Pajarito”) and Kirenia C. Martínez.

Original music: María Mendoza.

Lighting design: Javier Quintana.

Costume: Fany Bello.

Production of:  trasPediante.

Management: Pistacatro Productora de soños S.L.

Video teaser: Oroboro Films.

Photo: El Mexicano and Adriana Pazos.

Two dancers and two tightrope leads led by a clown. Up2Down is a contemporary dance-circus show in which humor and dance interact with a new circus discipline in Galicia: tightrope walking.


The dancers Marta Alonso & Paulas Quintas interpret two characters defined by their antagonistic status: the high and the low; THE TIGHTROPE WALKER - ethereal and ideal - and THE CLOWN - earthly and worldly. Along with them, you will go through an emotional journey through his desires and aspirations until he reaches a meeting point; The equilibrium.

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