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 Habelas >   trasPediante Co. 
 Creation, performer and 


Director: Begoña Cuquejo.

Movement and performers: Marta Alonso and Begoña Cuquejo.

Lighting design: Paulina Funes.

Live music: Ariel Ninas.

Voice-over: Concha de Luneda.

Graphic design: David Creus, Paulina Funes.

Sound: Alfonso Camarero.

Costume:  Cloti Vaello.

Animation: Miramemira.

Assistant of magic: Mago Vituco.

Direction assistant: Rut Balbís, Estevo Creus, Paulina Funes.

Residency: Teatro Ensalle.

Video edition: Natasha Lelenco.

Video registers: Violeta Montero, Natasha Lelenco.

"Habelas" is a multidisciplinary work on stage and in its conception. The axis of creation starts from the reflection around the coincidences between magic and dance. Dance is treated from a contemporary point of view, developing a parallel discourse, seeking information in field collections.


The name of "Habelas" is given by the main character of the work, the meiga, referring to the popular saying that in the Galician oral tradition it is so common to hear: "I never saw them, but they exist".

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