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Corpo (a) terra. Dance and body arts in the streets of Ourens


Since summer 2011, Ourense has had a new cultural offer that, through dance and body arts, has promoted the encounter of the citizen and the tourist with the urban space.


Throughout three days, and with a program that starts at 9:00 p.m., spectators tour the city at the hand of this festival, in which the most emblematic squares and places present different after the occupation by the artists.


International artists and galicians, with special participation from companies made up of choreographers, dancers from Ourense, will be in charge of the four performances, lasting approximately 20 minutes, which make up the daily schedule.


This Festival claims the new use of urban space that appeals to citizen participation through dance. In their first edition, they were ordinary citizens, turned into spectators, in charge of proposing the name with which to mark their identity, finally: Corpo (a) terra. Every year, everyone: citizens, artists, spectators, urban spaces, associations ... we will be part of the different editions in some particular way.

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