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 direction and   performer 
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Direction and performer: Marta Alonso Tejada

Creation: Victoria P. Miranda, Pablo Reboleiro, Marta Alonso Tejada

Choreography and movement: Victoria P. Miranda

Direction and dramaturgy assistant: Pablo Reboleiro

Lighting design: Laura Iturralde

Costume: Uxía P. Vaello

Sound space: Xabier Bértolo

Production: Manu Lago and Marta Alonso Tejada

Video: Ángel Sousa

Producer: Marta Alonso Tejada · Traspediante

Coproducers: Centro Coreográfico Galego - Agadic - Xunta de Galicia

With the support of: Teatro Ensalle, Concello de Negreira, Auditorio Municipal - Concello de Ourense, Centro Dramático Galego, Galicia Danza Contemporánea and Pistacatro

DANCING NOW is a kind of imperative towards a position in the social and personal present through dance. An impulse to place ourselves in the current time, in the affection and emotion of what we are sharing here and now dancing.

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